JCB 722

The JCB 722 Dumptruck gives you a 6.7-litre, 6-cylinder, 270-horsepower push. The 722’s constant 6-wheel drive, inclusive of limited slip differentials on all drive axles, makes sure you never get stuck in the mud. And where would you be without speed? Along with its powerful engine, the 722 has a Smoothshift 6 speed forward, 3-speed reverse transmission so it can reach top speeds of 46kph in forward gear and a maximum of 32kph in reverse. When you’re going this fast you also need to know you can slow down. That’s why JCB have incorporated dry disc braking, with single caliper actuation per disc on all wheels, and an exhaust brake. When it comes to capacity, the 722 can accommodate up to 20 metric tonnes in its rear body. Add this to a combination of a 74° tipping angle, a 25° scow and a tipping time of 13 seconds fully laden, and you can see why this machine’s extremely effective at material handling. But all this hard work doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort. With front axle suspension and an A-frame bogie beam rear suspension, rider comfort on the 722 is second to none. So, you’ve got power, control, comfort, the ability to operate where other heavier machines can’t, plus simple management systems that are straightforward to monitor and maintain. It all makes the JCB 722 exactly what you’ve been asking for.

Road Legal on Request

Manufacturers Technical Data Sheet

Overall Height

3446 mm

Overall Width

2652 mm

Overall Length

9199 mm

Unladen Weight

17100 kg

Fuel Capacity

270 Litres

Load Capacity

20,000 kg

Loading Height

2609 mm

Maximum Height On Tipping

5947 mm