John Deere XUV 855D Utility Vehicle


Introducing the ultimate member of the Gator family – the Gator XUV 855,

When the John Deere engineers are given free rein, the result is a utility vehicle that is simply beyond compare – whatever your plans and no matter how tough the terrain..

With a whole lot of power and an attitude to match, this Gator utility vehicle practically gets the work done all by itself. When conquering hilly terrain, coping with steep fields or fording streams, the XUV really comes into its own. The Gator utility vehicle is completely in its element – and you’re in complete control. Hop on – and enjoy the ride!

The practical, adjustable Deluxe Cargo Box – with 460 litres and 454 kg capacity (the biggest in its class) – means you’re ready to deal with any load!

Even in the very toughest conditions, the Gator XUV ensures a smooth ride – and exceptional comfort.

52 km/h max speed - The high-torque, liquid-cooled 3-cylinder diesel engine has endless reserves of energy to make the XUV 855D the most powerful Diesel in its class.

Automotive-style braking system - Massive, twin piston 8.28″ hydraulic disc brakes bring you to a stop. Ultimately, the system delivers incredible responsiveness at all times.


Manufacturers Technical Data Sheet HAE Safety Leaflet

Overall Height

1903 mm

Overall Width

1571 mm

Overall Length

3021 mm

Overall Weight

788 kg

Fuel Capacity

27.6 Litres

Fuel Type


Towing Capacity

680 kg

Payload Capacity

635 kg