Sumner 2416 Portable Material Hoist

The Sumner 2416 lift is the ideal lift for any contractor – HVAC contractors, electrical contractors, industrial maintenance, steel erectors, and facility management. The lift is easy to use with just one operator. 

Plunger pins are used to lock the legs in place and adjust the fork position to either up or down. The winch rotates easily and raises the lift 1 foot per 8 cranks. 

The Sumner 2416 lifts up to a 200kg capacity. 

The operator can raise the load to a maximum height of 5.2 metres (16' and 11 3/8") with the forks turned up. 

The fork is easily reversed to the lower position with push pins and can lift to 4.9 metres (15' and 11 3/8"). 

While in operation, the lift is a very manageable size. It is 121.9 cm (48") in length, 140.3 cm (55.25") in width. 

The lift folds up so that it can be put away in storage until you need it again, or it can roll into a vehicle and go wherever your work takes you. While stowed, the lift has a height of 159.4 cm (62.8"), length of 58.4 cm (23"), and width of 67.1 cm (26.4"), which makes it a compact size that fits in most trucks.

Manufacturers Technical Data Sheet HAE Safety Leaflet

Overall Height (Stowed)

1594 mm

Overall Width (Stowed)

671 mm

Overall Length (Stowed)

584 mm

Machine Weight

110 kg

Overall Height (Operating)

5200 mm (Forks Up) 

4900 mm (Forks Down)

Overall Width (Operating)

1403 mm

Overall Length (Operating)

1219 mm

Lift Capacity

200 kg