Strong Boys 

Supporting walls while you fit lintels, RSJs or beams can be tricky. Simply hammer the blade into a raked mortar joint and support it with a steel prop while you remove the masonry beneath. This handy attachment simply fits on to any Acrow Prop offering simplistic and robust security for any load bearing wall. And if you just need a Strongboy for a one-off task then Strongboy hire is an obvious, cost-effective solution.

This super strong, efficient piece of equipment can be fitted between courses on a double skin brick cavity from either side of the wall and it can be used to adapt any adjustable steel prop.

Acrow Props

Rugged adjustable supports for formwork during construction as well as floors, walls and ceilings. These steel props are telescopic for quick and easy height adjustment, and come in various sizes. Made from tubular steel, they offer exceptional support and strength.

Please enquire with our office with the size required.

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