4 CuFt Creteangle Mixer

The CreteAngle® Multiflow Pan Type Wet Pour Mixer Model 'L112’ is designed for Rubber Crumb/Wetpour/Rubber Mulch/Rubber Chippings and other low density light-weight materials, for safety surfacing children’s play areas, sports stadiums and running tracks etc. It has a complete and rapid mixing action achieving a high output. A complete mix of rubber and resin being completed in 1 minute or under.
The Model 'L112’ forced action mixer is fitted as standard with a Pan Tipper, which enables the materials to be discharged into a wheelbarrow or onto the ground. It also has a set of four site wheels and two axles.

Manufacturers Technical Data Sheet

Overall Height

1460 mm

Overall Width

1120 mm

Overall Length

1300 mm

Machine Weight

430 kg

Total Pan Volume

190 Litres

Recommended Mix Capacity

112 Litres