1 CuFt Creteangle Mixer

The CreteAngle® Multiflow Forced Action Pan Mixer Model 'CF 28' has been designed for use in material testing laboratories/universities or for small works on site and anywhere small quantities of mix such as cement, concrete (including HS, HPC, UHPC, SFRC), resins (acrylic, epoxy, polyester etc.) and polymers; giving consistent and fast results. This mixer works efficiently with dry, semi-dry or viscous materials to a maximum of 12mm aggregate grading. The action is positive and rapid and the blades are designed to thoroughly mix the contents of the pan both horizontally and vertically, normally within 1 minute or under.

Manufacturers Technical Data Sheet

Overall Height

850 mm

Overall Width

750 mm

Overall Length

 800 mm

Machine Weight

107 kg

Total Pan Volume

52 Litres

Recommended Mix Capacity

28 Litres