Ezicat i550 Cable Dectector

The EZiCAT i550 is ideal to use before any excavation work to avoid striking a buried utility, especially if you need an estimation of the depth of a utility. 

This locator will increase your on-site safety, save you time, through the unique 'Automatic Pinpointing' feature, and save you money by reducing cable strikes.

You can use the locator to detect a number of different cables or pipes:
 - Electricity cables
- Data / telecomms cables
- Conductive pipes (including; steel, cast iron etc.)

- Non-conductive pipes or cables (including; clay, concrete etc.) when used in conjunction with accessories and/or signal transmitters to detect them.

It's simple to operate, so you can just press the trigger and start locating.

Manufacturers Technical Data Sheet HAE Safety Leaflet