Kubota U10-3

The efficient and easy-to-use Kubota U10-3 with zero tail swing is the mini-excavator you can count on to get the job done.

With easy, single-lever operation, the U10-3’s hydraulically adjustable track gauge reduces in seconds—down to 750 mm—to enable navigation in narrow spaces. Conversely, you can widen the track gauge all the way out to 990 mm to produce a 7% increase in stability, even while operating with hydraulic breakers. 

Hydraulic Breaker Attachment Available to Suit

Comes with the choice of the following buckets:

6", 9", 12", 18", 2' & Ditching Bucket (2' 6")

Manufacturers Technical Data Sheet HAE Safety Leaflet

Height - ROPS up / ROPS Down

2230 mm   /  1420 mm

Width - Tracks In / Tracks Out

750 mm / 990 mm

Overall Length

2980 mm

Machine Weight

1120 kg

Fuel Capacity

12 Litres

Maximum Digging Reach

3380 mm

Maximum Digging Depth

1800 mm

Maximum Loading Height

2210 mm