Yanmar C50R-3C

The Yanmar C50R-3C is an all-terrain carrier especially efficient under extreme conditions where ordinary trucks cannot operate. The C50R-3C is ideal for use on: slopes, sand and soft and swampy areas. The is vessel mounted on a turning frame for sideway dumping. The reversible travel lever and seat combination raises work efficiency on narrow jobsites. The operator’s seat and the travel levers turn 180° together. The machine is always moving forward for the operator meaning a safer work environment even on mountain paths or other restricted worksites where it is hard to turn the machine which also reduces damage to environmentally sensitive areas.

Manufacturers Technical Data Sheet

Overall Height

2730 mm

Overall Width

2000 mm

Overall Length

4650 mm

Unladen Weight

5910 kg

Fuel Capacity

57 Litres

Load Capacity

3500 kg

Loading Height

1505 mm

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