Kubota KC250HR-4

Compact, powerful and redesigned for better comfort, the new Kubota KC250HR-4 saves you time and trouble.With its fast travelling speed and a loading capacity of 2500 kg, the KC250HR-4 can easily transport a large amount of material in a short time frame. With its powerful tracked undercarriage, it can work in varying ground conditions. The KC250-4 can easily avoid obstacles with a rear angle of gradeability of 27° and a ground clearance of 334 mm. Skip rotation powered by Hydraulic Motor (180°).

Manufacturers Technical Data Sheet

Overall Height

2400 mm

Overall Width

1660 mm

Overall Length

3595 mm

Unladen Weight

2700 kg

Fuel Capacity

40 Litres

Load Capacity

2500 kg

Loading Height

1355 mm