Camon LA25


Good aeration is vital for the health of any lawn so the the CAMON LA25 Lawn Aerator, designed and manufactured by Tracmaster, has been built to the highest standards to be incredibly reliable, durable and most importantly provide fantastic performance.

The "off-set" crank operating system on the LA25 allows the power of the engine to punch the tines into the ground resulting in perfect aeration. The CAMON LA25 Lawn Aerator is supplied with both hollow corer tines and solid spikes as standard.


The CAMON LA25 Lawn Aerator has pneumatic tyres to eliminate tread marks on the lawn and at only 64cm (25") wide it will easily fit through standard garden gates. The location of the tines, at the rear of the machine, ensures they are easy to access – they can be changed in less than 5 minutes.

The tines are positioned 12cm (5") apart and they punch at approximately 7½-10cm (3-4") intervals, depending on the speed the machine is travelling.

We would recommend using an aerator during the Autumn and Spring when the ground is not too hard and the grass is growing to allow the lawn to recover quickly.



Manufacturers Technical Data Sheet HAE Safety Leaflet

Overall Height

680 mm

Overall Width

650 mm

Overall Length

1000 mm

Machine Weight

103 kg



Fuel Capcity

4 Litres

Operating Width

400 mm