Belle RTX60 Trench Rammer

The Belle RTX60 heavy-duty trench rammer is a narrow bodied (4-stroke) trench rammer. The RTX60 is excellently balanced for easy control and high compaction levels, with Xtra power for use on cohesive materials and gradients.

The RTX60 features an Xtra strong and durable design with low Hand-Arm Vibration operator levels, coupled with the ability to interchange feet of varying sizes quickly and cost effectively to suit the requirements of the job in hand, unlike other rammers on the market which often can be limited to the use of a single sized foot only.

The RTX60 additionally features a swing-out engine protection for easy access to maintenance points, a low maintenance leg (with oil level sight glass), a triple filtration air cleaner system, a dual filtration fuel system and a carburettor primer bulb for easy starting in any conditions.


Manufacturers Technical Data Sheet HAE Safety Leaflet

Overall Height

975 mm

Overall Length

705 mm

Overall Width

345 mm 

Shoe Width

165 mm or 280 mm

Blows per Minute



60 kg

Noise Level

108 dB(A)

Fuel Type