Ingersoll Rand IR25BV


Operator comfort and safety is achieved with our efficient muffler design together with highly effective vibration damping handles on BV breakers. Lower noise and less vibration allows increased productivity whilst reducing operator exposure risks.
Excellent power to weight ratio further reduces operator fatigue and maximises breaker output.
Robust design with few moving parts improves reliability and downtime.
Built in air cushion reduces vibration and protects the cylinder and piston from damage should the breaker be operated without chisel or unloaded.
The IR25BV is designed for the demolition of low to medium concrete and asphalt structures.

The tool is intended for vertical or inclined downward breaking.



Manufacturers Technical Data Sheet

Overall length (Without Chisel)

640 mm


25 kg

Blows Per Minute



3.4 m/s2

Noise Level

106 dB(A)

Air Consumption

1.4 m3/min

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